Okt 16 2014


Angelika Beer, Sprecherin für Migrations- und Europapolitik und Mitglied im Gremium für Sinti und Roma, der Friesen und der Nordschleswiger, schreibt im Bulletin September 2014, herausgegeben von „EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT FORMER MEMBERS ASSOCIATION“:
„… many NGOs and politicians from different parties have long been calling for the creation of an EU commissioner or a minorities unit in the Commission. … A series of prime ministers of the state of Schleswig- Holstein have called for there to be an EU commissioner for minorities and would see this as a strong first step in establishing a new European Union. Against this background, the Pirate Party submitted a parliamentary initiative to the Regional Assembly of Schleswig-Holstein which, following cross-party discussions, was unanimously adopted as an interparty application (document number 18/2044).“


Hier geht es zur Website von LIET_INTERNATIONAL, „… to give modern bands who sing in a minority language a stage.“

Angelika Beer bei Twitter:

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